The Play that Goes Wrong Tickets

Meet the Funniest Broadway Show The Play that Goes Wrong! If you think about going to the theater to see a musical but haven’t decided which one yet - we have the solution for you right from Broadway! The winner of many American and international awards, The Play that Goes Wrong musical is, possibly, the funniest show you’ve ever seen! From the producer J. J. Abram, who is well-known as a man who can and loves to deliver emotions - the best comedy of the season and an incredibly warm amusement during the cold winter. Do not hesitate - buy The Play that Goes Wrong tickets, they are worth every dollar spent on them!

What to expect from The Play That Goes Wrong musical?

If you love and appreciate the English humor, this show is definitely for you. Take Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes, mix, shake, serve! The script by Susie H. K. Brideswell will make you cry laughing. Everything is falling apart: the dialogs, the cast, the very walls. The play does really goes wrong and the characters are frantically trying to fix at least something (while everything else is going awry). Someone (no spoilers here!) will be knocked unconscious, still playing a leading role in the musical, the cast changes, the dialogs are rewritten right in front of your eyes, to preserve at least some sense in the play - and in the climax the whole set… no-no, no spoilers! Get tickets and watch it with your own eyes!

Where can you buy tickets for The Play that Goes Wrong?

Of course, the first and only place to purchase tickets for the musical is via our website and the second one, is the official site of Broadway. Be very attentive, don’t buy tickets elsewhere, even if the seller has the completely legitimate reasons not to go and offers a much lower price. These tickets can be fake and the theater won’t be able to compensate.

So just click “Buy tickets” in the right upper corner of our website or go to the Broadway site and check the dates of the show in your city. Beware that the run time of the show isn’t very long, so it’s better to make your plans in advance. When you know the time, click on the “Buy tickets” button and choose your seats in the theater of your city. The facilities to host the musical are the best of the best, so even if you aren’t planning to book the most expensive seats, you will be delighted with the best sound and visual quality. The acoustics and technical equipment of the places are perfect, so don’t be afraid to save some money if you need to.

How much are tickets for The Play that Goes Wrong and where to find discounts?

The tickets price starts from $95. Not the cheapest tickets in the world but still affordable - for 2 running hours of extra professional and funny show! Still, you have a chance to get discount tickets and even several ways to do this.

At first, watch for the discount tickets at the last week before the show. The theaters prefer to sell more expensive seats cheaper but still to have them occupied. It’s really risky however you have a viable chance to get an elite ticket for the price of the average one.

Second and even more risky chance is a hunt for rush tickets - the ones that are sold for today’s show. The price can be cut in half, especially on the last day of the tour in your city, but if you don’t get one of those cheap tickets - you’ll have to go to a neighboring city to try again. It’s your choice whether to play this lottery.

By the way, some theaters do make lotteries where you can win the ticket! Just watch your local websites for updates and who knows - your own play can go particularly right!

How long is the running time of The Play that Goes Wrong?

The show is 2 full hours long, so get ready to free all your evening. We bet you’d like to spend the rest of it discussing the play with your friends!

The show is already on stage, so hurry up. The American The Play that Goes Wrong tour will end on the 17th of May but the show will visit dozens of cities before it. It can look like we all have much time, but the run time of the musical in each particular city is only several days. We hope you still have enough time to plan your visit in advance, but if not - this play is worth traveling somewhere to see it!

Visit the official site and purchase your tickets right now, while they are still available!

Cast & Creative

The starry cast (ironically named as “No one famous”) on the musical page is:

  • Ryan Vincent Anderson as Trevor
  • Brent Bateman as Robert
  • Bartley Booz as Dennis
  • Max FitzRoy-Stone as Jonathan
  • Angela Grovey as Annie
  • Matt Harrington as Chris
  • Alex Mandell as Max
  • Maggie Weston as Sandra
  • Matt DiCarlo
  • Mark Bell
  • Henry Lewis
  • Jonathan Sayer
  • Henry Shields and others.
Don’t hesitate a second, just go and watch the funniest and the most incredible Broadway show of this season!